Transition Management Consulting, Inc.

Transition and Succession Planning

Choosing an organizational leader is one of the most important roles for a board of directors and one of the most difficult. Historically, boards have dealt with leadership vacancies by promoting a staff member or immediately beginning to recruit. Yet, executive succession is about more than conducting an executive search and bringing a new executive onboard. It is an opportunity to plan for the organization's future without the pressure of a leadership crisis. 

While we all wish for a smooth leadership succession, executive leadership changes are often unplanned and high-risk. Those risks may include a loss of organizational momentum, a decrease in overall morale, a loss of staff, a loss of trust, and a loss of goodwill among stakeholders. On the other hand, a good, well-communicated leadership succession plan will help insure a smooth transition to the next executive – whether the prior executive's departure was planned or unplanned. A good leadership transition and succession plan will be applauded by the board, staff, members, and other stakeholders. It is an opportunity to send a positive message about the organization and its leadership.

TMC works with the board of directors and current executive to develop an executive transition and succession plan, which includes

  • Scenarios and succession options for planned and unplanned executive departures
  • Key executive competencies needed in an interim or successor candidate
  • Identifying potential internal candidates and plan for advancement
  • Interim executive management options
  • Executive search options
  • Communications plan for the public and key stakeholder
  • Operational plan and roadmap required for the interim or successor executive