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AIP Selects Michael Moloney as New CEO

by Michael Eder | Mar 05, 2018


AIP announced that Michael Moloney has been named CEO effective March 5, 2018. “I know I speak on behalf of the entire AIP board of directors when I say that we are delighted to welcome Dr. Moloney as our new CEO," said John Regazzi, chairman of the AIP board of directors. "His years at the National Academies and his policy and media experience distinguish him as a strategic leader who knows how to foster the translation of fundamental scientific knowledge into practical programs that create value in our community and benefit everyone.”

Moloney holds a doctorate in experimental physics from the University of Dublin, Trinity College in Ireland, and he becomes the ninth executive to lead AIP. He previously held the position of Director for Space and Aeronautics at the Space Studies Board and the Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board of the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 

The Aeronautics and Space Engineering and Space Studies boards Moloney has led for the last eight years are among the largest units at the National Academies. The Space Studies Board, which turns 60 this year, and the Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board, which turned 50 in 2017, have been deeply entwined with NASA and the U.S. space program since the beginning. They have played and continue to play a crucial role in formulating U.S. policy and developing space and aeronautics research priorities at NASA, NSF, NOAA and other federal agencies.

These boards facilitate gatherings of top experts on specific subjects who deliberate on important questions and produce comprehensive reports that help steer decision-making in Congress, at federal agencies, and in the larger science and policy communities. The reports offer the best, unbiased consensus advice on everything from the frontiers of space and Earth science research and the future of human spaceflight to cutting edge aeronautical research.

Since joining the National Academies, Moloney has overseen the production of close to 100 such reports, including five decadal surveys in astronomy and astrophysics, Earth science and applications from space, planetary science, microgravity sciences, and solar and space physics. He has also played a leading role in the production of decadal surveys in several physics disciplines -- including atomic, molecular and optical physics, condensed matter physics, and plasma physics.

Jackie Eder-Van Hook, PhD, President, Transition Management Consulting, Inc. conducted the nationwide search on AIP’s behalf. 

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