Transition Management Consulting, Inc.

Cynthia Metzler

Interim Executive & Affiliated Consultant

Cynthia Metzler has extensive experience leading organizational change in a variety of sectors as well as from multiple vantage points. Ms. Metzler’s career has spanned the worlds of the law, government, academia and nonprofit organizations. 

As an executive, advisor and counselor, she is a visionary, results-oriented, innovative, energetic and skillful leader of people and organizations.    Through her executive roles and as a Partner at Pepper Hamilton, LLP and in her consulting practice, she has demonstrated her abilities to:

  • Quickly assess organizational and leadership challenges and vulnerabilities;
  • Chart new approaches to individual and group work processes and cultures while ensuring that there is buy-in and ownership;
  • Work positively to overcome resistance;
  • Assist leaders to shed old ways of working and embrace new ways.

She has been a leader in three Federal agencies and four non-profit organizations with state-wide, national and international service areas and has advised numerous executives and Boards of Directors.   Each of her executive roles required her to lead an organization through major systemic change and create new structures, staffing, strategies, programs and processes.

At the US Department of Labor, Ms. Metzler served as Acting Secretary as well as Acting Deputy after being confirmed by the Senate as Assistant Secretary for Management and Administrator.  She was responsible for realigning the operations of the entire Department to better meet public expectations.

Most recently she served as the Chief Administrative Officer of the US General Services Administration where she created, staffed and managed a new organization to improve internal operations, compliance an services while reducing costs and improving morale. 

As the CEO of Experience Works she led a transformation effort that increased visibility, expanded funding, networks and alliances and increased the numbers of people served.  At the time OEF operated in over 30 states.

Ms. Metzler also served as Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, Pennsylvania a position to which she was recruited to improve relations between the faculty and the then President and improve academic programs and the financial success of the College.

In addition to her consulting and executive roles, Ms. Metzler has served on a variety of Boards of Directors of nonprofit organizations, including Housing Up and Experience Works. 

Ms. Metzler holds a BA in political science from Purdue University, a JD from Indiana University and a Master’s degree in Organizational Development from American University.