Transition Management Consulting, Inc.

Jennifer Langdon, MSOD

Senior Consultant

Jennifer has over 20 years of experience in scientific, engineering, technical, medical, and nonprofit industries. She specializes in building highly effective interdisciplinary teams through a combination of talent recruitment, leadership integration, and organizational development consulting. Jennifer worked for 10 years at Royal Dutch Shell in Europe and North America. She consulted with senior Shell executives and project leaders to optimize risks and value at each stage of the innovation pipeline, from bench research to pilot projects, and recruited strategic positions.

She worked with executives at Methodist Hospital, Texas Medical Center, a top-tier research and teaching hospital to assess and reconcile sometimes conflicting priorities among research, academic, and patient care goals. To address a chronic nursing shortage, Jennifer conducted a multi-faceted assessment of the employee life cycle with a focus on the recruiting function and recruited for high value, specialized roles. Jennifer also worked for the global consulting firm, Accenture as Manager of Human and Organizational Performance. She worked closely with engineers, operators, and finance personnel to redesign the supply chain organization and implemented a staffing plan to launch a department of 22 people in eight positions. 

Jennifer earned a Master of Science degree in organizational development from American University. She is a highly skilled organizational leader and consultant who possess gifts for building rapport and facilitating decision making among diverse parties.

Jennifer derives great satisfaction from “finding a match” between talented leaders and organizations. Her gift for rapport building and genuine intellectual curiosity are the bedrocks of her ability to understand, influence, and support diverse leaders in science and technology across cultures and industries. Jennifer earned a master’s degree in organizational development. Jennifer will support recruitment efforts of the search.