Transition Management Consulting, Inc.
  • On the Value of a Mini-Sabbatical

    by Bob Van Hook
    I thought I had it figured out. It was my time to retire, to take is easy. Jackie generously agreed to take over as president of our company, Transition Management Consulting (TMC). We worked on the transition for several months. Sometimes it was easy, sometimes hard. It’s hard to stop working.
  • Assessing External Relations

    by Bob Van Hook
    An association colleague recently posted a question that he was looking for criteria to use when considering whether or not to collaborate with other organizations. Very good question because too many organizations waste a lot of time in organizational collaborations that don’t have much payoff.
  • Still Searching for Excellence

    by Jackie Eder-Van Hook
    As the Internet overflows with information, the perennial question is whether the information is credible. As an association professional, I am curious about whether we sufficiently critical in reading materials in the modern business press?