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Client Testimonials

TMC works with courageous individuals and organizations who are ready to do what it necessary to address their organizational issues while attending to the present, respecting the past, and preparing for the future.

We love our work and we love our clients!

  • Mr. Van Hook, This is just a brief note to let you know how much I appreciate the job that John did during the CEO transition period. After being selected as the new CEO, John provided me with internal reports and analyses that were extremely helpful in my getting up to speed. Because John had checked the typical CEO boxes and had sent me informational documents and emails, I did not have to spend much time reviewing items like D&O insurance but instead was able to immediately begin work on the business strategy and growth planning. Today, my eleventh day, I feel as though I am at least two months ahead of schedule. John also has a pleasurable personality and was enjoyable to work with during the transition.     

    Chuck Cadle
    Destination Imagination, Inc.
  • John Fiegel made a very large contribution in bringing us to this place in time. We will always be grateful to your company for your help.

    Brownie Mitchell
    Board Chair
    Destination Imagination, Inc.
  • Jackie, I wanted to let you know how much I as an individual (and as the figurative spokesman for the WPS) appreciate your involvement and assistance over the last 5 months. Your style and expertise, however one might label your gifts, were perfect for helping us with the transition we faced. You have probably heard it before but I don't know what we would have done without you. Thank you and I hope your next assignment is just a tad bit easier.

    Michael Houston
    Washington Psychiatric Society
  • Jackie conducted the search for the Executive Director slot for the Marine Technology Society. Her work with the MTS Board in helping them identify their needs and the guidance she provided to the search committee throughout the process were excellent. Not only was Jackie skilled at developing an excellent candidate pool, she used her organizational development training to help the organization to stay focused and make conscience decisions regarding the future of the MTS. Jackie partnered with senior volunteer and staff leadership to make the search a very productive exercise on a number of different levels including selecting and hiring a candidate who was an exceptional fit for the organization. She also worked with MTS to assure the best possible environment for the introduction and orientation of the new Executive Director to establish the scenario for a successful long-term relationship between the organization and their new executive.

    Edward Brenner
    Marine Technology Society
  • Dear Bob,

    I cannot fully tell you how pleased we are with the services TMC provided to MTS during a very trying and critical period.

    Ed Brenner was the perfect interim ED. He fit in very well and quickly learned our culture and systems and also contributed his experience in professional society management to us.

    Jackie was a pleasure to work with. I have been through many executive search processes in my career and have never experienced such an organized, disciplined and methodical approach to candidate recruitment and selection. The results speak for themselves.

    Bruce C. Gilman
    Marine Technology Society
  • Not only is Pat an expert at turning organizations around, he is extremely adept at managing staff.  He worked with staff members to create individual goals and a vision for the organization.  Then, he proceeded systematically to ensure we achieved our objectives and worked toward realizing the vision of the organization.  All the while, Pat motivated us to perform at unprecedented levels and maintained a high level of staff morale.  The key to Pat's success is his ability to communicate.  He outlines expectations, but listens to staff concerns at the same time.  I hope I have the opportunity to work for him again in the future.

    Jennifer Sweeney
    Former direct report
    Business and Professional Women/USA