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Transition Management

Leveraging Executive Successions

Navigating the waters of executive succession can be challenging for association and other nonprofit boards of directors. It can feel like a deep crisis. And yet, an executive succession is an opportunity that organizations can leverage. It can be a time for assessment, reconsideration, and renewal.

Transition Management Consulting, Inc. (TMC) is a trusted advisor to association and nonprofit boards of directors and their executives throughout the United States. Whether a volunteer or paid staff, TMC supports those who serve by providing experienced temporary leadership and high quality advice to bridge gaps in executive leadership.

Each of our professional interim executives has over 20 years of broad-based nonprofit leadership experience. Serving in a variety of C-level roles – CEO, Executive Director, EVP, COO, or CFO – where they stabilize and support the organization, governing boards, and staff; assess and improve operations; and attend to human and organizational change.

TMC’s professional interim executives are focused on getting the organization ready for a new executive or new organization set of business relationships in the case of a merger or outsourced management. Therefore, TMC places professional interim executives who are committed to serving as interim executives as a career choice. They are NOT unemployed executives looking for their next job. Prior to placement, TMC conducts a rigorous background review and reference checks.

Are you anticipating an executive leader’s retirement or departure? TMC provides succession and transition planning services for organizations interested in planning for a future leadership succession. This robust and forward-thinking approach helps organizations get ready for the time when a leadership transition will occur, including policies, procedures, resources, communication plans, and timelines.
The departure of a chief executive begins a transition period that presents both challenges and opportunities for organizations. If the departure is unplanned (death, illness, leaving for another job, or termination), the organization may feel that it is in a crisis that requires that an executive search be conducted immediately. Using an interim executive assures that organization is well managed and has time to consider its options more carefully. Recruiting a new executive too quickly may result in the selection of a less than ideal candidate merely to fill the executive chair. Professional interim executives are an excellent choice to bridge the gap in leadership.

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