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Landscape Architects Present Presidential Awards to Jackie Eder-Van Hook and Bob Van Hook

by Michael Eder | Jul 07, 2014

Each year the President of the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards has the pleasure of presenting a Presidential Award to an individual or individuals who have made significant contributions to CLARB not only in the past year, but throughout their association with CLARB.

At our Annual Meeting in Cleveland it was my pleasure to announce that Jackie Eder-Van Hook and Robert T. Van Hook are the winners of that award with many thanks for your support and service, and dedication to CLARB in this year of transition, 2007 thought your efforts as Search Committee Consultant and Interim Executive Director, respectively.

During this year of transition at CLARB the support, commitment and diligence of members Board Executives, Committee Members, CLARB Staff and members of the Board of Directors has been phenomenal! It was a constant reminder of the high caliber of individual who serve CLARB in every capacity. This would have been a very different year without such support and effort.

Thank you sincerely for your commitment and support.