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AIA Praises Metzler for Work as Interim VP

by Michael Eder | Jul 07, 2014
Cynthia Metzler, JD concludes her position as Interim Vice President at the American Institute of Architects.

AIA's Executive Committee, Component Executives praised Metzler. Cynthia’s uncanny ability to cut to the chase and find solutions to complex problems rather than explanations for their existence forged a sense of partnership with the CACE ExCom, Institute leadership, executive directors and staff throughout the component structure. With humor, charm, and no small dose of pragmatism, Cynthia led a diverse team that was truly dedicated to improving both operations and relations with the members of CACE in service to our mutual membership.”

Further, her razor-sharp insights, coupled with a remarkable sense of project management left even the most seasoned CACE executive in awe. Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for Cynthia's contributions to the successful implementation of a number of initiatives. Additionally, she has a knack, an incredible talent really for summarizing a discussion, putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together, especially when no one else wanted to tackle those tough issues. She served as an incredible, thoughtful leader during a very turbulent time. In her interim tenure, great strides were made to dismantle barriers, both real and perceived, between Components and the Institute. Her encyclopedic mind, her ability to juggle myriad issues and the long hours of work she has dedicated to us has benefited our institution more than we can possibly repay or commend her for. She will be sorely missed!”

Congratulations Cynthia on a job well done!

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