Transition Management Consulting, Inc.
  • Future Leaders

    by Jackie Eder-Van Hook, PhD
  • Will Staff Quit If the Exec Leaves?

    by Bob Van Hook
    One of the questions that potential clients often ask is, “If we let our executive go, isn’t there a risk that other staff members will walk out the door? Won’t our members rebel and go crazy?”
  • When Benefits Aren’t a Benefit

    by Jackie Eder-Van Hook
    American Express like most credit cards has a policy that if your credit card is lost, stolen, or damaged they’ll replace it within 24 hours. This is an invaluable service, especially for those who travel a lot. On a recent plane trip without my wallet, I learned the hard way that not all benefits or organizations are created equal with some interesting implications for associations.
  • On the Value of a Mini-Sabbatical

    by Bob Van Hook
    I thought I had it figured out. It was my time to retire, to take is easy. Jackie generously agreed to take over as president of our company, Transition Management Consulting (TMC). We worked on the transition for several months. Sometimes it was easy, sometimes hard. It’s hard to stop working.